Nan Tien
Career Information
Type Junk
Captain(s) Cha Loong
Technical Information
Type Junk
Weapons 16 heavy cannons

The Nan Tien (Traditional Chinese: 南天; Pinyin: Nántiān; lit. South Heavens) was a junk that served as the flagship of the pirates serving under Cha Loong. It served as a pirate vessel since its construction, replacing the Empress as the flagship of the South Chinese pirates due to advances in shipbuilding.

History Edit

The Nan Tien was specifically built to replace the Empress since the schematics of the former flagship were becoming outdated in comparison to the newer, more effective seafaring vessels. Once the Nan Tien was completed, the Empress was scrapped and replaced by the Nan Tien. Although the ship was newly built, the South Heavens rapidly obtained notoriety due to the advanced designs of junks and the commanding of the ship by the pirate lord of the region.