Elvira de Aguirre
Birthday December 12
Age 27
Ethnic Group Basque Spanish
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 150 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Team Pirates
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Lope de Aguirre (father)
Titles NYR
Bounty Unknown
Status Active
Special Traits
Signature Skill Seduction & Manipulation
Weapon(s) Sword
Throwing Knives
Flagship Unknown/None

Elvira de Aguirre is being revised...

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Trivia Edit

  • Elvira's surname is derived from the famous spanish pirate, Lope de Aguirre, on whom her father is based.
  • Her appearance is based on Anna Valerious from the Van Helsing movie.