Cha Loong
Birthday December 16
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 158lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Brethren Court
Occupation Pirate Lord of the South China Seas
Base of Operations Singapore
Personal Status
Titles Dragon of Singapore
Bounty 10,000 guineas
Status Active
Special Traits
Weapon(s) Dao
Flintlock pistol
Flagship Nan Tien

Cha Loong (Traditional Chinese: 霅龍; Simplified Chinese: 霅龙; pinyin: Zhá Lóng; lit. "Rain Dragon") was the Pirate Lord of the South China Seas, basing himself in the Malayan port of Singapore. He was known to hold a base in the nearby Sultanate of Johor, just off the coast of Singapore. Cha Loong's flagship is the South Heavens.

Background Edit

His origins remain ambiguous, though it was certain that Loong was a pirate for a significant amount of time. He worked under numerous pirate captains, hopping around the entire Asiatic portion of the Pacific Ocean, as well as in the Indian Ocean, before settling in the southeast Asian region. He came under the employ of the Pirate Lord of the South China Seas, becoming a trusted subordinate. Cha Loong eventually became a guard of the Sao family's temple, protecting the navigational charts that it possessed from outsiders. He noted the absence of a particular map that charted the locations of mythological artifacts, although he did not question the whereabouts of the chart. After his predecessor passed away from natural causes, Cha Loong was made the Pirate Lord, becoming the most powerful pirate in the region. As the pirate lord, Cha Loong made it his top priority to search for the whereabouts of the missing navigational chart.

Personality and traits Edit

Although he tended to drift around the Eastern half of the world, Cha Loong was dedicated and loyal to the superiors that he served under. Cha Loong was a cunning pirate, using the various islands of the region to stage ambushes on merchant ships and systematically executing individuals who gave any show of opposition to his actions, contributing to his wanted poster. Loong was ruthless in combat, utilizing any means necessary in order to win a fight, and was known to contemplate betrayal in order to obtain what he wants.