Basilisk (ship)
Naga Rose
Career Information
Type First-Rate Frigate
Owner(s) Iñaki Sorginak
Captain(s) Iñaki Sorginak
Technical Information
Type First-Rate Frigate
Depth of Hold Unknown
Weapons 50 cannons, 50 Flying Crows, 5 Submarine Dragon Kings
Affiliation Pirate emblem Pirates
Tugra Iñaki Sorginak

The Basilisk is a feared frigate, and the flagship of the Pirate Lord Iñaki Sorginak. It is a first-rate ship-of-the-line, constructed from the wreckage of many ships in a treacherous cove on the Tierra del Fuego, and modeled after the great Ottoman warships, which its captain sailed upon in his youth, and given the figurehead of a vulture's head, surrounded by a rose, and the symbol of Iñaki's old captain, who was Turkish, is imprinted on the forehead of the vulture. It is among the largest pirate ships of its time, with three decks, and is heavily armed, inspired by Iñaki's reading of the Fire Dragon Manual, adding rudimentary rockets and naval mines of chinese design to its defense. It is rumored that some beast of the deep is kept in its hull, either for attack or to pull the Basilisk faster, depending on who is telling the tale.